Adult Sunday School

On-going Classes
10:00-10:45 A.M.
Although age ranges may be listed for classes, anyone is always welcome to join us!
Class Name   Campus, Room Locations Room  Group   Ages
Grace Gathering    West Campus PD101 Co-Ed   30+
Bible study in an informal discussion setting.
Reliant Class   West Campus PD103 Women   35-50
Men's Class   West Campus PD100 Men    All Ages
Beyond the Walls   West Campus PD105 Co-Ed    All Ages
Join us Sunday mornings during the discipleship hour for Beyond the Walls... a Sunday morning experience. This team-taught class will involve multimedia and small group discussions as we learn about scripture, worship, Methodism, and service.  Once a month, we will leave the church property, going Beyond the Walls and out in the community to serve in a variety of ways. We hope you come along with us as we venture Beyond the Walls of SFUMC!
Joy Fellowship
   Main Campus, Fellowship Hall  MC100 (Parlor)  Co-Ed    65+
Bible exploration and discussion on how to apply their lessons to every day life.  Singles and couples.  We are currently studying from the "International Bible Lesson Uniform Series".
Faith Builders   Main Campus, Upper Reed Bldg. MB100 Co-Ed   45+
Bible study and lively discussion.
Watermark   Main Campus, Resource Bldg. MA101 Co-Ed   30-40's
Singles and couples welcome; A study of Biblical topics with lively discussion and personal application.  Our studies are currently based on "The Wired Word".
Agape Fellowship   Main Campus, Fellowship Hall MC101 Co-Ed   All Ages
Bible study, enlightening discussion, service, and fellowship.
Jars of Clay   Main Campus, Lower Reed Bldg. MB101 Co-Ed   20-30
Bible study in an informal discussion setting; Young adult singles and couples welcome; Parents may bring their small children.
God's Grateful Gang Main Campus, Fellowship Hall Library Co-Ed 40+

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